Smoke test for rat extermination in Montreal and its surroundings

Have you discovered rats in your property? Or do you strongly suspect that you have a rat infestation? In these situations, leave nothing to chance and act quickly to limit the damage by performing a smoke test with Services Eco-Extermination.

Ideal for pinpointing the source of a rat infestation, a smoke test will allow you to carry out an effective and long-lasting rat extermination.

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Locate the source of your rat infestation with our smoke test service

Exterminating rats is not an easy task. If you want to carry out an effective rat extermination in the long term, to ensure that these rodents will not return to your building, it is necessary to proceed methodically. To begin with, you should not place baits just anywhere, but first locate the source of the rat infestation. In this way, it is possible to block the passages through which the rats enter your property, and then to exterminate them with precision.

Are you wondering how to locate the source of the rat infestation? As a rat exterminator in Montreal, we recommend that you take a smoke test. Simple to perform and very efficient, this method is reliable and precise, but requires some machinery.

At Services Eco-Extermination, we offer a complete turnkey smoke test service throughout the Greater Montreal area. Simply call us and we will come to your home with our equipment to perform a smoke test and detect where rats are accessing your building. After that, we will simply block these accesses, so that the rats cannot come back, and then proceed with a rat extermination. A quick and efficient method to get rid of the rats that have invaded your property!

Act independently with our smoke test equipment rental service


Do you want to be autonomous and perform your smoke test yourself? No problem, at Services Eco-Extermination, we also offer a smoke test equipment rental service. Once again, all you must do is contact us, tell us your needs and we will provide you with one of our high-performance smoke testing machines. This way, you can proceed with the smoke test quietly and at a lower cost.

Afterwards, if you need the expertise of a rat exterminator in Montreal or its surroundings, we will of course always be at your service to carry out this complex task and exterminate the rats that have entered your property.

Please note that the smoke test process is based on mineral oil heated and pushed by CO2, it is a completely safe and non-toxic method, which does not present any danger to health.

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