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Do you hear scratching noises at home and your furniture is mysteriously eaten away? Be careful, you certainly have rodents in your home or on your business premises. Get rid of it effectively by calling on Services Éco-Extermination!

In the business for more than 6 years, our rat and mouse exterminator operate throughout Montreal, from the North Shore to the South Shore via the West Island.

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Our mouse extermination service

Do you think you have a mouse infestation? If you have come across one at home, there is no doubt that it is! However, this can also be the case if you have never seen it, but regularly find small feces or teeth marks on your furniture, your wires or even your food. Either way, if you have any doubts, ask for the services of a mouse exterminator.

Used to intervening in this kind of situation, this professional will know how to get rid of the mice that have invaded your interior. Note that it is important to intervene as soon as possible, because mice can carry diseases and reproduce quickly, giving birth to a dozen mice at a time.

By calling on Services Éco-Extermination in Greater Montreal, our mouse exterminator will start by inspecting your interior to find out where the mice come from and how they got into your home. The objective will be to block its accesses so that no more rodents can enter. Then, our mouse extermination professional will place bait in strategic and safe places to get rid of your mice while ensuring the safety of your family or employees. After this first intervention, our mouse exterminator will come regularly to follow up until the problem is completely resolved.

Our rat extermination service


In Quebec, rats are rodents that can often be seen indoors, in homes and business premises. They do not necessarily settle there but make a habit of coming there to feed on the food they find there. Their presence is often detected by the traces they leave behind – gnawed furniture, feces and nibbled food. To avoid this damage and avoid the risk of developing diseases transmitted by rats, it is important to act quickly and call in a rat exterminator as soon as possible.

For effective rat extermination, there is no need to set up random traps and poisons. This way, you might manage to kill a few rats, but you will not fix the problem permanently. It is necessary to seek the services of a rat exterminator who will take the time to carry out smoke tests to detect how rats enter your home and thus close these attacks. After which, this professional will be able to place traps at strategic locations to trap the rats that are hiding in your interior.

Our rat detection service thanks to the smoke test

Have you noticed the presence of rats in your property? In addition to the extermination service, it is essential to bring in a rat exterminator for a smoke test. Complementary, the smoke test makes it possible to locate the entry points of rats to block these accesses and prevent a new infestation. It is essential to protect you over the long term and ensure real peace of mind. Without a smoke test, it is possible that you will be rid of the rats for a while, then they will come back and you will have to start the whole extermination process all over again.

Performed by our rat extermination professionals, the smoke test is guaranteed to be safe for humans and animals. The product used is a simple mineral oil heated pushed by CO2. This is a foolproof test to spot openings to the sewer system that allow rats to enter your building. So, do not hesitate and request a smoke test in case of a rat infestation!

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