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How to recognize a cockroach?

The cockroach is a quite common insect in Quebec. Brown in color and oval, it measures up to 1.5cm in our province and has 2 antennae and 6 legs that allow it to move quickly. Able to reproduce in a short period of time, a single female can lay up to 150 eggs, which means that a colony can grow very quickly.

Lover of humid and warm places, the cockroach likes to live in kitchens, basements, bathrooms and near pipes. It is particularly found in appliances, in cracks and in small interstices. It is easy to see an infestation because cockroaches do not hide much and leave shells behind after molting.

When to call a cockroach exterminator?


Whenever you suspect you may have a cockroach infestation, we recommend that you seek the services of a cockroach exterminator. This professional will be able to detect the source of the infestation and effectively get rid of these resistant pests.

Known to carry bacteria dangerous to health, cockroaches also have an unpleasant odor that they leave on everything they touch. Their presence can therefore be very disturbing daily, especially since it is never pleasant to see insects everywhere in your home. Known for their resistance, cockroaches are pests that are not easy to get rid of in the long term. Calling in a cockroach exterminator is therefore the best solution, especially since you will benefit from a real follow-up.

Our cockroach extermination service

As a cockroach exterminator in Montreal, we offer a unique and ecological treatment. While many exterminators continue to use harmful and often ineffective chemicals, due to the development of insect resistance to insecticides, we use an innovative thermal process.

Eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets, this cockroach extermination treatment involves killing these insects with heat. Using a thermal device that heats the air in your home to 135 ° F, or about 57 ° C, we exterminate cockroaches and their eggs in every corner.

After our visit, we offer you a 6-month follow-up which guarantees you a new free cockroach extermination service in the event of an unresolved infestation.

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