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Are you invaded by pests? Get rid of it effectively and sustainably by calling on Services Éco-Extermination!

Thermal bedbug extermination specialists, we can also provide the solution to all your cockroach, rat, mouse, raccoon and skunk problems.

Guaranteed 100% safe for humans and pets, our pest management process is eco-friendly and very efficient. To take advantage of it as quickly as possible, contact our exterminator in Montreal East!
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Extermination services for all your infestation problems

Whether you have insects inside your home, rodents in your business premises or small mammals wreaking havoc on your property, Services Éco-Extermination is the solution to your situation.

Used to deal with this kind of problem, we know all the best techniques to eradicate bedbugs, cockroaches, rats and mice, but also to capture and relocate skunks and raccoons. Trust us and ask for the services of our exterminator in Montreal East, you will not regret it!

Discover all our pest management services:

Effective and sustainable interventions

When our customers call us, it is often that they have an infestation problem that they have not been able to resolve on their own and need help quickly. At Services Éco-Extermination, we are committed to intervening as soon as possible to provide you with an effective pest management service.

Whether you need a bedbug, rat, cockroach, skunk, mouse or raccoon extermination, we will know how to put in place an optimal strategy to get rid of them as quickly as possible and over the long term. term. Choosing our exterminator in Montreal East is a guarantee of efficiency!

Doing business with us also means enjoying the following advantages:

  • Pest management that respects the environment: Because most extermination products are harmful to the planet and to health, we have chosen not to use them and to turn to non-toxic processes that are just as effective, like the heat treatment for bedbugs. Ask for our services, so it is supporting an eco-responsible company. 


  • A real customer follow-up at each step: Depending on your situation, several interventions may be necessary to overcome your pests. Throughout this period and even after, we remain available to answer all your questions and provide you with appropriate advice.


  • Prices that defy the competition: Aware that the satisfaction of our customers also goes through the wallet, we offer our pest management services at competitive prices. See for yourself by requesting a quote from our Montreal-East exterminator!

Satisfied customers


« Je suis témoin de l’excellent travail effectué par le service Éco-extermination dans l’un de mes appartements locatifs. Problème des fourmis éradiqué en 2 traitements efficaces. Bravo et good job Éco-Extermination. », Marielle.

« Nous avons utilisé les services de Éco-Extermination et furent très satisfaits. Peter a pris le temps d’effectuer une analyse complète de la situation. Nous avons utilisé le traitement thermique et cela a fonctionné à merveille. De plus, Peter demeure toujours disponible pour des questions après que les services soient rendus. », Danny.

« Ce service est impeccable et offre des prix abordables comparativement aux autres compagnies. Le propriétaire a pris le temps de répondre à mes nombreuses questions. Il est patient, souple et sait ce qu’il fait. Il a su me mettre en confiance tout au long du processus. Je recommande sans aucun doute Éco-extermination ! », Gaëlle.

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