Skunk and raccoon extermination service in Montreal and surrounding areas

Are you often bothered by raccoons or skunks that have come to prowl around your home? Solve this situation in the long term by calling on Services Éco-Extermination!

We will effectively take care of your pest problem by capturing them and then relocating them back to nature. This way, you will be at ease and the raccoons and skunks can resume their life in their natural environment.

So, if you need a skunk and raccoon exterminator in Montreal, on the North Shore, on the South Shore or on the West Island, contact us now!
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Our skunk extermination service

Quite common in Quebec, the skunk is a small mammal that suffers from a bad reputation yet is neither aggressive or dangerous for humans. However, when it feels attacked, it may spray a liquid that smells both strong and foul-smelling. If you see them regularly around your home or business premises, you may have a skunk hole on your property. Avoid any unpleasant confrontations by enlisting the services of a skunk exterminator to get rid of them as soon as possible.

At Services Éco-Extermination, we offer a skunk extermination service in Greater Montreal, which is both safe for you and the skunk. This is not a proper skunk extermination, but rather a skunk relocation. Our skunk exterminator first detects the animal’s burrow, then sets up a strategy to capture it. After the capture, he will relocate it in the wilderness, in an environment that is safe for the animal.

Our raccoon extermination service


Increasingly found in cities, the raccoon is an animal that was originally found around streams, in forests and near swamps. In recent years, however, it has started to approach shops and homes for food. Harmless, it does not represent a danger, but can cause multiple damage, mainly near garbage cans. If a raccoon has acquired the habit of coming to your home and you no longer want to repair its damage, contact us and our raccoon exterminator will come and help you as soon as possible.

Used to deal with this kind of situation, our raccoon exterminator will first locate the places where the animal usually passes and then trap it. After that, he will proceed with its relocation, that is, he will bring it back to its natural environment so that it can continue its life away from you. This way you will find your peace of mind in no time!

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