Pest management and bed bug extermination in Montreal

Services Éco-Extermination inc. offers its expertise for bedbugs’ extermination for individuals as well as for commercial companies.

Specialized in bedbug’s extermination, we are also able to eliminate all kinds of parasitic insects thanks to our proven and 100% ecological process.

We operate throughout Montreal as well as on the North Shore, the South Shore and the West Island.

If you take the extermination services with us, the estimate is free.

Our heat treatment for bedbugs

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Therefore, Services Éco-Extermination inc. offers an innovative and exclusive treatment for bedbugs. Using the natural properties of heat, our technique consists of destroying all traces of insects by heating the air with powerful thermal devices.

Conventional pest extermination techniques involve the use of chemicals and insecticides.

Rather ineffective, they have many drawbacks for a limited result.

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of our treatment over the use of insecticides.

Ecological treatment of bedbugs

Our method is simply to heat the air in your home or business premises to a temperature of 135 ° F (approximately 57 ° C) to eliminate parasitic insects, especially bedbugs. Our process therefore does not release any chemical residue into nature.

Speed of action of our treatment

The application of repellents or insecticides requires a long reaction time which can be counted in days. It is also necessary to add to this a delay for the product to dissipate before being able to return to your home or professional premises. Our thermal method allows complete insects elimination in about 4 to 6 hours. In addition, the absence of products allows you to go home as soon as the treatment is finished.

Harmless treatment for humans and animals

The absence of the use of chemicals means that our method is safe for all occupants of your home or offices, whether they are fragile people, allergic people, children or even pets.

Cleanliness of our treatment

In addition to leaving no trace, our treatment is applied without moving any piece of furniture. The heat spreads evenly, even in the most inaccessible corners, unlike a conventional insecticide.

Our guarantees

In addition to the cleanliness offered by our extermination method, we assure you a lasting extermination to ensure peace of mind for many months to come.

Our services include 6 months warranty and completely free follow-up. So, if the insects or bedbugs return to infest your interior, we carry out a new extermination operation at no additional cost.

Finally, we provide you with a free quote (if you take the service with us) without obligation within a 25km radius of Montreal. We also offer you a bonus of $ 50 for any client referred and paid within 48 hours after our intervention.

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