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Sometimes almost invisible, ants are small, non-dangerous insects, which can however do some damage and be disturbing daily. If you have some at home, solve this problem quickly and sustainably with Services Éco-Extermination.

In the extermination field for over 6 years, we offer excellent services to get rid of carpenter ants and pavement ants in Montreal, on the North Shore, on the South Shore and on the West Island.

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Have you spotted large black ants inside your property? Be careful, these are certainly carpenter ants! Very widespread in Quebec, this species of ant poses no risk to humans or domestic animals. On the other hand, it can do great structural damage.

When they move inside a home, carpenter ants dig tunnels in the woods to shelter their colony. Obviously, the larger the colony, the larger the galleries and this is where the danger arises. By digging into wood, carpenter ants weaken the wood frame which can cause serious damage. Often difficult to spot upstream, this damage can ultimately lead to subsidence of the frame, or even destruction. If you see carpenter ants in your home, it is therefore important to request an ant extermination service promptly.

Our carpenter ant exterminator will come and inspect your building to find out where the colony is located and destroy it completely. Then, in just a few weeks, you will find a safe interior, free of these pests.

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As the name suggests, the pavement ant typically lives outdoors, under curbs and in cracks in uni-stone. Smaller than the carpenter ant, it is a harmless insect. However, when the cold arrives, the pavement ants can seek warm shelter and enter homes. Then action must be taken, as they can quickly proliferate and form huge colonies of over 2,000 individuals. You might then find it all over your home, especially in damp areas and near food.

Getting rid of a colony of pavement ants is not an easy task, as the individuals are numerous and discreet. To succeed in your ant extermination, entrust this task to the experts! If you are in Montreal, on the West Island, on the North Shore or on the South Shore, call our pavement ant exterminator and benefit from an efficient service, with regular follow-up and guaranteed results.

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