Pest management and bed bug extermination in Montreal

Services Éco-Extermination inc. is your benchmark company in pest management and particularly in bedbugs’ eradication. Using an exclusive and proven treatment, we assure you a total elimination of pests.


Our team travels throughout Montreal as well as on the South Shore, North Shore and the West Island.
If you take the extermination services with us, the estimate is free.


Our services

Our company is an expert in the hygiene sector and particularly in the field of bedbug extermination. A real scourge, these insects are particularly difficult to eliminate and require the intervention of specialists like us.

We use a reliable, fast and environmentally friendly extermination method, which does not involve chemicals and insecticides.

Our treatment for bedbugs involves heating air inside your home or business premises to a temperature of 135 ° F (approximately 57 ° C) to destroy bedbugs’ fleas and their larvae in the tightest corners. hidden.

Harmless to humans and pets, this process is also environmentally friendly as it does not produce any harmful waste, unlike spraying insecticides. In addition, thermal extermination offers better results than traditional methods.




Why call on Services Éco-Extermination inc.

The infestation of your home with bedbugs is already stressful, so finding a professional exterminator should not be an additional burden.

Recognized experts in the field, we use a technique that has proven itself both in Europe and on North American continent.

In addition to our high level of competence, we assure you:

Cleanliness of the premises

Thermal extermination does not require the use of any insecticide. This guarantees you an impeccable and safe interior for all occupants. In addition, our method allows eradication in every corner without having to move your furniture.

Free warranty and follow-up for 6 months

We offer you unparalleled after-sales service by providing you with a 6-month follow-up program for 6 months. Thus, in the event of the return of the pests, we carry out a new extermination operation free of charge.


Unlike pesticide extermination, our treatment against bedbugs is effective in just a few hours (between 4 and 6 hours). In addition, you will be able to return to your home or offices as soon as the operation is finished because no chemicals are used.

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